Bookish Tuesday

Top 5 Reasons I Rate a Book 5 Stars

Rating out of 5 makes me stressed, I’m so hesitant to call something perfect, or the best of the best, because I always think, “Maybe I’ll like the next book more.” But there are a few things that ups the odds I’ll give a book 5 (or in my blog’s case, 10) stars.

Reason #1 : My Favorite Things

My favorite things in books are, in no particular order, female journalists and aviators, WWII, pirates, dragons, cool magic systems, culinary autobiographies, and essays. The inclusion of one or more of things significantly increases the chance of me loving something.

Reason #2 : Written by a Favorite Author

If a book is written by an author I already know and love, I’m likely to either love it unconditionally or complain that it’s not as good as their other books.

Reason #3 : Spectacular Writing

If I can lose myself in an author’s writing for a few hours, I’m so very delighted. There’s nothing quite like reading when you feel like you’re being read to, which is also probably why I listen to so many books.

Reason #4 : Fierce Feminists

I love a strong heroine who speaks her mind, stands up for what she believes in, but isn’t afraid to show her vulnerabilities. There’s been a plethora of books handed to me in the years the I’ve been the book buyer for an indie bookstore that claim to have such a main character that don’t quite measure up, so I’m still looking for the next one to sweep me off my feet.

Reason #5 : That Special Something

I’m always looking for a new book, it can come from any genre, any source, any publisher, any store. But it has to have that special draw, and it has to fit my mood when I set about reading it. So this one is kind of two fold, my mood + special something that draws me in!

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