Wrap Up

2022 Year in Books

This year was better than the last, but still a far cry from my usual 50+ books. Here’s to next year!

A few fun facts from the year:

  • I got back into YA a little bit reading four young adult titles (all fiction).
  • I’m still reading mostly straight white women, but this year read a handful of books by men, as well as books by Asian-American, Indigenous and Middle Eastern authors and from a variety of authors who are part of the LGBTQIA+ community.
  • This year’s average rating is lower than last year’s mostly because I didn’t care for a few book club books, but that will change next year. I’m picking them, so it’ll be my own fault if I don’t like them! I used to not want to be forceful about it, but after running three different book clubs over the last ten years, I’ve discovered that if I’m not into the book, I get burnt out more quickly. And as no one else in the group wants to facilitate (I’ve asked), I figure the only way to keep it going is to pick them myself.

Total Books: 38
Average Length: 367 pages
Average Rating: 7.9 out of 10

Last year’s average length was 368 – I’m nothing if not consistent! Just like last few years, I read fewer books but prioritized quality over quantity for the second year in a row. I often get asked at the store how I’ll know that I’ll enjoy a book and it’s a whole mental algorithm. But for the most part, I look for things that interest me and I’m not afraid to abandon something I don’t like.

This one is an interesting one – the high number of ARCs and eBook/DRCs (eBook ARCs) is unsurprising, but it’s the breakdown over time that is most interesting – I didn’t listen to most of the audiobooks this year until November, probably because that is when I am busiest, working retail during the holiday season.

Not a super surprising one, given the high number of ARCs I read. And even the books in the “before 2019” section were from 2011, 2012, and 2017, so almost all from the last decade.

I was adamant this year that I not go a full month without finishing a book. January seems to be a strong reading month year after year, we’ll see if that continues next year, and October is so high because I went to the Bahamas and read a book a day. If only I could capture that and bring it into the rest of the year!

Another one that always fascinates me. I’ve said year after year that Macmillan is my favorite publisher, and well, here is the empirical proof. Most from them are St. Martin’s Press and most of Penguin are my new favorite Berkley romances. A few publishers are missing, but it’s still somewhat representation of all the major distributors.

It has finally happened! This is always a fun one to do year to year as my interests tend to swing pretty heavily and then stay solid for a few years. After many years of mostly nonfiction and a close to fifty-fifty split last year, fiction reading has pulled ahead. I had missed it so much, but also further proof that if you force yourself to read something you’re not in the mood for, you probably won’t enjoy it nearly as much as you would otherwise.

The world sucks, read romances. That’s my take away here. Of course many books are cross listed with multiple genres so the total here adds up to more than the total of fiction books read, but again, the world sucks, read romances, particularly historical ones with suffragettes and pirates.

Only 7 nonfiction books this year so this is the smallest this chart has ever been. Like fiction, many things are cross listed in multiple genres, but I think this does present an accurate and boiled down look at my nonfiction interests.

Books Read in 2022

To see all the reviews posted, visit the 2022 Year in Books page HERE.

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