Bookish Tuesday

Backlist TBR for 2023

Also known as books I want to read this year that have already been published! Backlist is, essentially, anything that is already out. It's technically something more than 1 season old. Everything published from September to December is still technically frontlist (if I'm remembering correctly), but for these purposes, I'm treating it as anything pre-2023!… Continue reading Backlist TBR for 2023

Bookish Tuesday, Diary of a Bookseller

Best Books for Summer Reading

It's time for my bi-annual seasonal reading recommendations! These are the books that I've put up for our staff picks for the summer for 2022. And this time, unlike the last few seasonal lists, I've actually reviewed most of them on here already! Each image links to the full review, if it doesn't go anywhere,… Continue reading Best Books for Summer Reading