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Royalist Reverie

Laura and I have both been hopelessly obsessed with the British royal family for practically our whole lives. As such, we tend to seek out books with very royal characters in them. Below are just a few of our favorites - click the images for the reviews and the titles to add them to your… Continue reading Royalist Reverie

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Historical Fiction Favorites

Historical fiction wound up being the genre that got me back into reading at the end of my self-isolation during this pandemic and I have a feeling it's what I'm going to want to be reading for most of the summer - to escape a different time in the past where things were, if not… Continue reading Historical Fiction Favorites

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My Favorite WWII Nonfiction

Last week I featured some of my favorite World War II fiction, so it's only right that I follow it up with nonfiction this week! I've also noticed that all of my favorite WWII books, both fiction and nonfiction, are the stories of women during the war. It wasn't intentional for me to formulate a… Continue reading My Favorite WWII Nonfiction