Diary of a Bookseller

A Year as a Bookseller

This past year is one that has been full of changes, both big and small, happy and sad, but through it all, I made it to 2023.

Diary of a Bookseller #25

So as I’ve alluded to in a few posts, I work at a different bookstore now than the one that I was at for 7 years of my life. The parting of ways was far from amicable and I’m not sure that that particular store will still be in business by this holiday season. I’ve happily landed at the bookstore in the town that I live in and I can actually walk to work now which is wonderful! It has, however, meant a major change in hours and lifestyle, and I unfortunately realized that there really isn’t any money in working in bookstores as a career unless you are the owner. So we’ll see what the coming year holds. But! The good things!

My new title, after being the store manager and book buyer for seven years, is as the Community Outreach Liaison at my new store. It’s a lot of fun – I get to continue working with schools and businesses on their book orders, as well as with other businesses in my town. My last project of the year was in doing Jolabokaflod boxes, something I’ve written about on here before and that I do for my family every holiday season, and they were a runaway success for the store.

The docket for this year includes launching a new chapter of Silent Book Club, continuing to help grow the stores profile with customers and publishers, and hopefully have some fun events tied to films at our art deco movie theater right across the street. Fingers crossed this year is better than the last in my own little corner of the book world.

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