Bookish Tuesday

Books to Finally Finish This Year

Now that I am finally in the mood to read fiction again there are a few books that I've made decent progress with in the last two years that I will hopefully now finally finish!  1. Beartown by Fredrik Backman Reason #1 for wanting to read it: It is a story about ice hockey! No one has written a decent fictional… Continue reading Books to Finally Finish This Year

Book Journal, Bookish Tuesday

Favorite Pages in My Book Journal

So I've decided to mix it up a bit in order to keep myself accountable for regular posts and moved Bookish Friday to Tuesday and made it, therefore, Bookish Tuesday! My book journal is pretty epic. As an avid reader, I've collected many book journals over the years and have now create my own, based… Continue reading Favorite Pages in My Book Journal

Bookish Tuesday, Non-Fiction

Favorite Nonfiction

As I'm currently listening to Kitchen Confidential and crying randomly about how the world is worse off without Anthony Bourdain's storytelling, I've been thinking more and more about the nonfiction that has touched my heart just as much as works of fiction. 1. Medium Raw by Anthony Bourdain My first Bourdain. Like your first cocktail or boyfriend or… Continue reading Favorite Nonfiction