History, Memoir/Autobiography, Nonfiction, Political Science, Sociology

Darkly by Leila Taylor

Black History and the Heart of America's Gothic Soul When we last voted on Nonfiction Book Club books, we were truly looking to diversify our reading. When one of the book club members put this book forth for consideration, we were all most intrigued. Synopsis From the publisher marketing:Haunted houses, bitter revenants and muffled heartbeats… Continue reading Darkly by Leila Taylor

Family & Relationships, Memoir/Autobiography, Nonfiction, Sports

Pee Wees by Rich Cohen

Confessions of a Hockey Parent I love a good hockey book and I don't think there are enough of them out there, particularly when compared to all the other major league sports here in the states (yes, there are a TON of Canada specific hockey books). I was also excited to see a book that… Continue reading Pee Wees by Rich Cohen